Rochester Hope..

...was born of a crisis turned into a dream.

In early 2021 the finances of Cabrini Parish forced the decision to close Saint Michael Church on N Clinton and Clifford, thankfully such decision was delayed for some months which allowed for some creative thinking as to how to better use all the unused buildings the parish was holding in great locations to provide services to the community. In July 2021, the idea of Rochester Hope was conceived as a separate not-for-profit non-religious corporation to relieve the parish of the upkeep of its unused buildings and bring services and caring hands to the heart of our city. In January 2022, Rochester Hope was incorporated as a 501(c)3 and begun activities with a wonderful board of directors and two co-directors. Today, 18 months later so much has been done, and so many dreams remain for us to accomplish together! To see how we have helped so far please click here.
To see how you can join us and help us fulfill the Rochester Hope dream of bringing caring hands to the heart of our city, through a gift of time please click here, through a gift of talent please click here, through of gift of treasure please click here.