The Means and the Ask

The change we desire will only be possible through the collaboration and support of numerous partners—foundations, non-profits, health care providers, educational institutions, developers and private citizens. Current efforts include: Matthew’s Closet, the Sister Regis Food Cupboard, and the Saint Vincent DePaul Society’s Treasure Chest.

Costs to bring the Rochester Hope vision to reality have been estimated at $473,607 to fully fund the first year. These include $238,607 for personnel, maintenance, utilities, insurance and taxes; $100,000 for annual rental expense; and $135,000 for capital projects. (Detailed calculations available upon request.)

Won’t you join Father Daniel Ruiz in creating Rochester Hope to serve those in need and change lives? Whether you can share time, talent and/or treasure, your support will make a difference. Please commit to creating change today by contacting Father Daniel at:

Rochester Hope 124 Evergreen St, Rochester, NY 14605 / (585) 210.3024