Esperanza Latina

This program seeks to bring SUD and other supporting services to Saint Michael Campus on North Clinton and Clifford in Rochester. I area of high incidence of SUD with little access to services within the community, especially services which consider the culture and language of the mostly Latino Population.

Through the Partnership with Ibero and their Promotores de Salud Program we will be able to reach the population in need in their homes and refer them to services within their very neighborhood.

The partnership with His Branches, will complement the program by connecting them to mental care and general health care services and programs within the community.

Huther Doyle will offer the SUD treatment, at their center at Saint Michael’s.

Rochester Hope will offer other supportive services on the same campus, such as the Food Pantry, Furniture and Household items, Healthy Cooking Classes, and Community Meals.

The Esperanza Latina program will serve 50 people with SUD. 

This program has an annual cost of 95,000. We have secured 10,000 from an ESL grant and are working on additional grant funding.
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