Ecumenical Walk for Peace April 15, 2022

Our hearts are moved with compassion as we witness the increasing violence in our city. May we commit ourselves to build peace…let us start with prayer. Rochester Hope partnered with Cabrini Parish and we a invited our brothers and sisters from other Catholic parishes and from churches of other Christian denominations, as well as members of the police and public officials to join us for this ecumenical walk for peace. We gathered in the parking lot at Corpus Christi Church (864 E Main St) at 11:30 am and soon departed on our walk towards Saint Michael with about 250 people from all churches and walks of life, including Major Malik Evans, making fourteen stops along the way in places where violent crimes have occurred for reflection and prayer for peace with the Stations of the Cross. The Way of the Cross was made present along the way as members of Cabrini Parish were dressed up and playing the different characters of the Passion of Our Lord. When we arrived at Saint Michael’s, around 2:30 pm all were invited in to rejoice in the beauty of the church and Sacred Music for 30 minutes. Cars were at Corpus Christi, and buses were available for those unable to walk the distance, the buses joined us on the walk and stopped at each of the stations with us. The buses brought all in attendance back to Corpus Christi from Saint Michael at the end of the walk, and again after the 30 minutes of Sacred Music.